Boudoir Photography in New York, Paris, London, Miami and Los Angeles | BoudoirNY Photography is New York's premier glamour and boudoir photographer. We provide boudoir and glamour photography services to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other areas in New York (NY).

Your BoudoirNY session can be photographed in a location that fits your style. We will work together with you on finding the perfect location for your photo shoot. Each session includes complimentary choice of sparkling wine, champagne, mimosa or your choice of beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some common questions about Boudoir Photography

What is Boudoir Photography?
Boudoir Photography is the newest sexy trend in wedding, bridal and portrait photography. Boudoir Photography are beautiful and tastefully done sexy portraits, usually given as a gift from a wife to husband, or bride to groom.

These are a perfect "for his eyes only" wedding day gift for a groom, but you don't need to be a bride to do this. You can do boudoir photography even if you are not married or even if you are already married for a couple of years.

Boudoir Photography is usually taken wearing lingerie, underwear and other revealing outfits. It can also be taken as implied nudes wherein the woman is nude but nothing is showing, for example, covering the breasts with hands or shots from the back.

View samples of our boudoir pictures in our boudoir photography gallery.

What does the word "Boudoir" mean?
The word "Boudoir" (boo'dwa) noun is a French word for a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room.

Who will take my Boudoir pictures?
We are a professional photographer with 12 years of experience with his assistant if requested. If you are not comfortable with a male photographer, you can request for just a female photographer.

We also travel to other areas in the United States for an additional charge. If you are not in our area, please look for a boudoir photographer in our boudoir photographer directory.

How much does the boudoir photography session cost?
Please view our boudoir photography prices.

When should I schedule the Boudoir Photography session?
If you plan to give this as a gift, we recommend that you schedule the session at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance of when you want the gift to be ready to allow time for editing and printing.

If you are getting married, we advise that you DON'T do the boudoir photography session on the morning of your wedding as the wedding day itself is stressful enough without adding a boudoir session on top of it.

How long does it take to get my Boudoir Photography done?
Our boudoir photography packages include an unlimited time for boudoir photography, but it usually lasts around 2 or 3 hours because most women get tired after posing for 2 or 3 hours. This includes the time for hair, makeup and outfit changes.

Where should I have my Boudoir Photography Session done?
We usually do boudoir photography on-location, either in a house (your own or a friend's) or a hotel room (you would need to pay for the hotel room).

What should I wear for my Boudoir Photography Session?
You can wear lingerie, corset, underwear, even swimwear. You can also wear a man's shirt, a towel or just a blanket. You can also wear jewelry, high heels, stilletos, stockings and other things that you and your man find sexy. Prepare at least three different outfits, or more. Try to prepare outfits in different colors and styles to add variety to your shoot. Reds, blacks, whites and pinks are most popular, but it all depends on your style and taste.

Is it okay if I bring someone along for my Boudoir Photo Shoot? Sure. We want you to feel safe and relaxed so you can bring a friend along. A friend can also help you with advice on your outfit, makeup and hair.

Is it okay if I have a sip of wine or champagne before the shoot?
A glass of wine or champagne will help you loosen up for the shoot.


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